Online CEU Lessons

More lessons are being added all the time.

Instructions:  Download the Resources document (pdf file) AND the Assignment document.  Open the Assignment document (Word file) and attempt to answer the questions using your prior knowledge and the material in the Resources document.  Once you have completed the Assignment, add your name to the top and email it to us as a PDF if you can or a Word file.  Use the email address  Put CEU lesson in the email subject line.  We will score the assignment and email you a certificate as soon as possible based on other workload.  We will record your CEUs in our log.  It’s that simple.  If you have questions or suggestions, include those in your email.

Available Lessons (click on Title to link to lesson)

Title NR EMT and Paramedic Missouri EMT Missouri Paramedic Hours
A&P Fundamentals Medical Preparatory Preparatory 3
Shock Fundamentals Medical Preparatory Preparatory 1
Hypoxia Fundamentals Medical Preparatory Preparatory 1
Blood Glucose Issues Medical Medical Medical 2
Overdose & Poisoning Medical Medical Medical 1
Seizures Medical Medical Medical 1
Psych-Behavioral / Excited Delirium Medical Medical Medical 1
Anaphylaxis Medical Medical Medical 0.5
GI System Issues Medical Medical Medical 1
Childbirth Medical OB / Peds Special Considerations 2
Special Calls Operations Elective Operations 2
Preparing For / Responding to EMS Calls Operations Preparatory Preparatory 2
Burns Trauma Trauma Trauma 1
Hemorrhage Control Trauma Trauma Trauma 0.5