EMT Lessons

Resource-EMT-Preparing For Responding To Calls

Assignment-EMT-Preparing-For & Responding-To-Calls

Resources-EMT A&P Lesson

Assignment-EMT-A&P Lesson

Resources-For EMT-Hypoxia Fundamentals

Assignment-Hypoxia Fundamentals for EMT

Resources-For EMT-Shock Fundamentals

Assignment-Shock Fundamentals for EMT

Blood Glucose Issues Lesson Materials all on one page

Resources for Behavioral / Psych / Agitated Delirium

Assignment for Behavioral / Psych/ Agitated Delirium

(MCI, Triage, WMD, EID, Mass Gathering, Blasts and Explosions, Abuse and Neglect)

Resources-Special Calls

Assignment-Special Calls