EMS 251 Pharmacology II

EMS 251 Syllabus Hybrid-Biweekly



Assignment 1

GI Case Med CardsOndansetron

Assignment 2

Anaphylaxis Case Med CardsEpi IM, Benadryl, Racemic Epi

Quiz 1 covers Assignments 1 and 2

Assignment 3

Childbirth Case Med CardsOxytocin, Mag Sulfate

Assignment 4

Controlled Med Cards—   Midazolam,    Diazepam     Ketamine,    Morphine,  Fentanyl

Quiz 2 covers Assignments 3 and 4

Assignment 5

Glucose Case Med Cards—    Dextrose,      GlucagonGlucose Paste       Thiamine

Assignment 6

Overdose and Behavioral Case Med Cards—    Narcan    Flumazenil    Haldol

Quiz 3 covers Assignments 5 and 6

Assignment 7

Antihypertensives Med Cards—    Hydralazine,      Labetalol

Assignment 8

Respiratory Case Med Cards—   Albuterol,    Combivent / DuoNeb,           Terbutaline

Mag Sulfate                     SoluMedrol

Quiz 4 covers Assignments 7 and 8

Assignment 9  

Cardiac Case Med Cards—  NTG     ASA,     Adenosine,    Diltiazem,     Atropine

Assignment 10

Cardiac Arrest / ROSC Med Cards—  Epi Push       Amiodarone (code)   Epi Drip     Calcium    Dopamine

Quiz 5 covers Assignments 9 and 10

Assignment 11

General Pharmacology Resource Document