Paramedic Education

The Paramedic Program has two options— the Hybrid Track and the Standard Track.  Each Track is comprised of several distinct courses.  Details about those courses are found by clicking here.

The Hybrid Track courses have significant online work requirements in addition to face-to-face meetings on one day every other week for 8 hours.   Assignments are due at various points in between class sessions.

The Standard Track’s courses also utilize the online learning lessons in a supporting role.   Standard Track courses meet face-to-face in the classroom each Tuesday (full day) and each Friday morning (9am-1pm).  The Standard Track format and schedule meets the requirements for military veterans to use their education benefits.

RN’s with ER experience and a Missouri EMT license may receive advanced placement and be eligible for exemption by assessment (“test out”) of certain courses within the Program.  Similarly, students transferring from other programs may be eligible for limited advanced placement for some of the Program’s courses. More information can be found here.

Most classes are held in the Northeast Classroom Facility at our Headquarters (Stadium and I-70).  Class hours are from 0830 through no later than 1700.   We utilize a mix of independent study, team learning, case studies and simulations. This is a dynamic and highly effective learning environment with a fast pace.  Prospective students are both encouraged and welcome to observe.  

Registration for the Program occurs two times annually with new cohorts starting in late January (the “Winter” class)  and in mid August (the “Summer” class).  The Standard Track is offered for the August cohorts only.  Hybrid Track sections are available for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays in the Summer and Wednesdays or Fridays for the Winter.   See the 2017 Summer and 2018 Winter schedules here for more details.

Each student is assigned to a particular section.  Students are scheduled for a particular section of no more than 10 students in order to ensure a high-quality experience.  Each section is comprised of two groups of up to six students.   An instructor is assigned to each student group.

Our Program provides the opportunity for students to “trade shifts” with other students from time to time throughout the Program in order to accommodate work schedules while maintaining the small-group learning environment.  Students who are swapping from their assigned section for a day are temporarily assigned to a student group.  Group sizes vary by class day but range from four to no more than six.

Tuition remains at $6,000 for 2017 and 2018 and includes all books, online learning resources, uniform shirts, background checks and the urine drug screen.  There are no hidden or “add on” fees.   The tuition does not include National Registry testing fees so that students are not asked to pay for those expenses in advance.  We work hard to keep our tuition cost as affordable as possible while delivering a fantastic value to our students.  While the Fire District supports the Program in many ways, the financial resources for the Program come from student tuition.

Direct your questions to the Program Director (Bryant Gladney, EMS Education Division Manager) at

Details about the courses within the program

Accreditation Information

2018-1P Application – Hybrid

2018 Hybrid Paramedic Handbook