Third Block

Third Block is where things really start to come together.  Hospital / ER Clinical sessions begin during this block.  American Heart Association certification courses for ACLS and PALS happen during this block.  Plus, a huge part of the block is devoted to simulated EMS calls where students move beyond the safety net of coached practice in scenarios.

EMS 351  Paramedic Hospital Clinical Experience:  This course involves the Paramedic Student functioning under the guidance of a preceptor in the hospital clinical environment for 250 hours. During this clinical experience, the student will have the opportunity to practice patient assessments and treatments and to be exposed to the variety of patient cases encountered in the emergency department setting. This course is a prerequisite to EMS 451 Paramedic Field Internship.

EMS 356  EMS Field Operations:  This course is designed to prepare the paramedic student for entry into the profession through the study of a range of topics including communication, ethics, legalities, documentation and wellness.

EMS 361  Clinical Medicine Cases I:  This course covers a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases that may be encountered in the prehospital setting.

EMS 370  Pediatric Advanced Life Support:  This is the standard American Heart Association (AHA) course.

EMS 380  Advanced Cardiac Life Support:  This is the standard American Heart Association (AHA) course.

EMS 390  Simulated ALS Cases:  This course builds upon all prior learning in the program as students are immersed in a simulation lab environment.  During the course’s lab sessions, students will act as Team Leaders and as Team Members on simulated EMS calls that require advanced life support capabilities.  Case topics are drawn from the full range of potential EMS calls and, just as in the workplace, students have no prior knowledge of what challenges they may encounter.